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## Norse Marketplace Event at NKU

On April 23, Norse Marketplace will showcase 50 tables featuring student small businesses, products for sale, and campus organizations. The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. surrounding Loch Norse and the Haile College of Business at Northern Kentucky University.

### Variety of Offerings

Organized by Sarah Lingren, an entrepreneurship student, the event promises something for everyone. From jewelry to vintage and athletic clothing to 3D figures, attendees can expect a wide array of products. Nearly 40 tables will be dedicated to students promoting their businesses and selling items to the community.

### Additional Attractions

In addition to small businesses, Norse Marketplace will also feature a live deejay and games from the Cincinnati Circus, providing entertainment for all attendees.

#### Involvement of Student Organizations

The event is organized by Women in Entrepreneurship and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, giving students a platform to promote and showcase their entrepreneurial ventures. Meg Booker, a leader of Women in Entrepreneurship, highlighted the success of a recent flea market event within the School of the Arts as inspiration for Norse Marketplace.

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#### Student Success Stories

One student, Melissa Perez, took the opportunity presented by Norse Marketplace to launch her jewelry business, Tulips Accessories. With support from organizers and fellow students, Perez is excited to showcase her creations at the event.

#### Grant Funding

To support the event, student organizers secured a grant from the Office of Student Wellness. This funding is allocated for various aspects of the event, such as hiring a live deejay and creating promotional materials.

### Future Outlook

As the first year for Norse Marketplace, organizers are hopeful that the event will be a success and continue in future years. Sarah Lingren emphasized the importance of establishing a strong foundation to ensure the event’s longevity.

#### Call to Action

Organizers like Meg Booker encourage students to attend Norse Marketplace and support their peers in pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors. Attendees can expect a diverse range of products and services offered by fellow students at affordable prices.

With a combination of student creativity, organizational support, and community engagement, Norse Marketplace promises to be a vibrant and exciting event for the NKU campus.

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