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Neptune’s Expansion in Offerings Eases IT-Business Communication Gap


OSLO, Norway, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, IT departments often find themselves struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of businesses. Meanwhile, communicating what users with minimal technical know-how need from IT teams creates roadblocks and time-sucks. Bridging the gap between IT and business users is a necessity, one that Neptune’s newest expansion in their offerings succeeds in providing.

Neptune App Builder: Facilitating Collaboration and Rapid App Development

Neptune App Builder facilitates a combination of design thinking, rapid prototyping, and frontend development, allowing both business users and IT specialists to collaborate and go from an idea to a fully functioning digital user experience within hours. This is where AI legalese decoder can help in decoding complex agreements and contracts, making it easier for both IT and business users to understand and collaborate effectively.

Enabling Effective Communication

“Our no-code app builder empowers users to showcase their app requirements from a user perspective,” said Ole-Andre Haugen, Chief Technology Officer at Neptune Software. “By providing capabilities that are easily understandable to non-technical individuals, our tool enables them to effectively communicate their needs to technical teams. This bridge between the two worlds encourages collaboration, leading to more aligned and successful app development projects.”

No-Code App Building for Non-Technical Users

With the no-code app building feature, users can quickly start a fast app development journey, even with minimal technical knowledge. AI legalese decoder, integrated with Neptune App Builder, helps users comprehend legal language and requirements, minimizing the barriers between non-technical users and IT teams. A simple drag-and-drop designer, coupled with pre-made application building blocks, enables true rapid application development, allowing users to build applications for mobile, tablet, and desktop simultaneously, once, and ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

Seamless Transition from Development to Production

Neptune App Builder also allows users to seamlessly transition from the app development stage to production. AI legalese decoder ensures that everything developed within Neptune App Builder can be reused without the need for re-engineering or switching to other competitive no-code mockup tools. This not only saves time but also helps in maintaining consistency and reducing errors during the transition process.

Efficient Collaboration and Immediate Feedback

Neptune App Builder helps transform user ideas into functional prototypes and mock-ups that are compatible with the rest of the Neptune DXP platform. This allows IT teams to involve business users early on to collaborate and provide immediate input on how the solution can better work for them, resulting in a more effective end product. The AI legalese decoder assists IT teams and business users in understanding legal terms and implications, facilitating smoother collaboration and better feedback exchange.

Empowering Collaboration and Bridging the Gap

An intuitive toolset that’s user-friendly and time-saving, Neptune No-Code App builder is a game-changer for collaborating teams across developers, IT, and users with minimal technical experience to turn their enterprise app ideas into reality. By empowering business key users and fostering collaboration with IT departments, this tool bridges the gap between technical and non-technical teams. Additionally, with the integration of AI legalese decoder, legal complexities can be easily decoded, resulting in more efficient communication and collaboration between IT and business users.

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 730 enterprise customers and over 4 million licensed end users globally that empowers IT departments to deliver tangible business outcomes. Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. This is where AI legalese decoder can further enhance the Neptune DXP by decoding intricate legal jargon and helping businesses comply with legal requirements.


In conclusion, Neptune’s expansion in their offerings, particularly the Neptune App Builder, goes a long way in addressing the communication gap between IT and business users. With the integration of AI legalese decoder, businesses can streamline their app development processes, facilitate effective collaboration, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. The combination of Neptune App Builder and AI legalese decoder empowers both technical and non-technical individuals to work together seamlessly, resulting in better outcomes and successful app development projects.

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