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## Dealing with Inconsiderate Parking in the Neighborhood

I reside in a typical neighborhood characterized by its peaceful surroundings. My property includes a driveway and a small patch of front lawn, measuring approximately 5 feet wide and 12 feet long. Unfortunately, my neighbor has disregarded boundaries by parking on my lawn, extending over the sidewalk, and causing damage in the process. This recurring issue has escalated to the point where she regularly obstructs my driveway, leading to inconveniences and frustrations. Despite numerous complaints, law enforcement officers simply instruct her to move her vehicle without imposing any penalties for her actions. It is worth noting that while I am a homeowner, my neighbor is a renter.

### Addressing the Persistent Parking Problem

Given the persistent nature of the parking violations and the lack of effective intervention from authorities, it has become imperative to explore alternative solutions to put an end to this issue. One possible course of action could involve seeking legal guidance to understand the rights and responsibilities of both homeowners and renters in such situations. Consulting with a legal professional can provide insights into potential legal recourse available to address the ongoing infringements on my property.

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### Taking Proactive Measures for Resolution

Apart from seeking legal guidance and leveraging technological resources, it may also be beneficial to engage in direct communication with the neighbor involved. Expressing concerns and setting clear boundaries regarding parking regulations can potentially lead to a more amicable resolution. Additionally, documenting instances of parking violations and keeping a record of the damages caused to my property can strengthen my case in pursuing further action if necessary.

In conclusion, addressing inconsiderate parking behavior in the neighborhood requires a multifaceted approach encompassing legal understanding, technological assistance, and proactive communication. By taking proactive steps and leveraging available resources, I can work towards putting an end to the recurring issues caused by my neighbor’s disregard for property boundaries.

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  • igwbuffalo

    Call a tow company for a tow off private property.

    You can also request that the neighbor be trespassed from your property so when they do it again they are trespassing. Also post signs about no trespassing if you can

  • Reditlurkeractual

    call the police file a report
    then call a tow company to tow them off your property
    Also take photos of everything they did to your yard then sue in small claims court

  • Ill_Quantity_5634

    Also, use youe city’s records to find out who the property management/landlord/property owner of her house is and make a complaint.

  • Proof-Examination574

    What I’ve seen people do is post a sign that says “Private entry way. No parking. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense”. Sometimes a towing company will give you one for free(because it has their phone number on it). It will cost her about $400 to get her car back. 🙂

  • lwilton0163

    purchase large landscape boulders. large enough that she can’t drive over and place right on your property line. Set them every three feet.

  • DookieDanny

    Call the police and file a report for damage?

  • Annual-Frame7396

    Get it towed

  • tbonimaroni

    Can’t you get someone towed if they block your driveway? Isn’t that a misdemeanor? I’d try that. Or report to police while the car is still there. Also, I agree with putting up signs, a little fence, or something to block her car from getting on your lawn. If she breaks anything, she gets reported. Bug the hell out of the police. Report every time she does this. Eventually, the cops will get sick of it and do something. My mom reports her neighbor’s all the time for walking all over her lawn, messing up her picket fence, parking and leaving broke down cars in front of her house, and leaving trash all over. They also commit crimes and participate in illegal activities there. Swat even showed up, lol. Good luck.

  • Various-Cycle840

    Take pictures of their car on your property, have the police come out to inform them of the no trespassing so there is a record, give them some kind of notice that if they don’t stop you will have their car towed at their expense (I’d recommend recording yourself telling them, email, or certified mail. Something so you have a record), and I’d suggest contacting the owner of the property that they rent. Inform them their tenant is causing damage to your property.

    Then if it happens again tow their car and get an estimate from a land scaper to fix it and inform them you are taking them to court for the sum.

  • Tr4shK4m

    It’s called large rocks 🪨 you just need to contact your local landscape company, have them tactfully and aestheticly place several large boulders. Up plant it with some sedums, rock crops, lavender, russian sage and be done.
    Fuck lawn anyway.

  • PhotojournalistDry47

    Cameras. She does not sound rational so I would want video of the property. If she is willing to damage your yard and block your driveway multiple times I would be worried what else she thinks she is entitled to do with impunity.

  • PayMeNoAttention

    Have you spoken to your neighbor? What did she say?

  • Even_Ad8375

    Fence, large rocks Annoying cute large flamingos

  • SillyPisces0312

    Do you know her landlord?

    In addition to what everyone else is saying I’d be a tattletale lol

  • RedditBeginAgain

    Install a fence. While her car is inside it