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Northland Communications Expands Team with New Hires and Promotions

Northland Communications, a Central New York-based telecommunications provider, has recently announced the addition of three new employees and the promotion of two existing team members to new roles within the company. With these changes, Northland aims to strengthen its workforce and enhance its operations to better serve its customers.

New Director of Network Engineering – Mike Lynch

One of the new hires is Mike Lynch, who has joined Northland as the director of network engineering. With over 25 years of experience and industry knowledge, Lynch brings valuable expertise to his role. As director, he is responsible for leading the network engineering and central office teams. Lynch ensures the proactive maintenance of a reliable and secure network infrastructure, oversees ongoing expansion, and manages the capacity of Northland’s network. Additionally, Lynch plays a vital role in the company’s product development process, leveraging Northland’s overall capabilities to drive innovation.

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Top row, left to right: Kaila Champoux and Natalie Latchford. Bottom row, left to right: Dave D’Agostino and Nicole Torrillo. Not pictured: Mike Lynch

New Recruitment + Retention Coordinator – Kaila Champoux

Kaila Champoux, previously a team member in Northland’s people + talent department, has been promoted to the role of recruitment + retention coordinator. In her new position, Champoux focuses on networking with potential candidates, promoting the company brand, and guiding potential employees through the recruitment and onboarding process. By building diverse and qualified teams, Champoux plays a crucial role in fostering a supportive environment within Northland.

New Training Coordinator – Natalie Latchford

Natalie Latchford joins Northland as the training coordinator for the people + talent department. Her primary responsibility is to oversee the creation of high performing teams through the delivery of training programs. Latchford focuses on advancing the skillsets and capabilities of all teams across the company, with an emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, and knowledge retention. Through her efforts, Northland aims to continually enhance the performance and productivity of its workforce.

New Manager of Software Engineering – Dave D’Agostino

After 24 years with Northland, Dave D’Agostino has been promoted to the leadership team as the manager of software engineering. In his elevated role, D’Agostino leads the Northland software department, leveraging the company’s unique differentiators to provide exceptional solutions to customers. He oversees the entire software development process and plays a vital role in the design of all applications. D’Agostino’s expertise and leadership contribute to the continuous improvement of Northland’s software offerings.

New Product Manager – Nicole Torrillo

Nicole Torrillo, with over 11 years of experience at Northland, has joined the product line management team as a product manager. In her new role, Torrillo takes charge of leading the coordination of the company’s Unified Communications as a Service product offering. Her focus is on exceeding customer needs and ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality products. Torrillo’s appointment demonstrates Northland’s commitment to delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions.

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