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Flavorman: A Successful Local Louisville Beverage Company

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — What started out as a local Louisville beverage company has turned into a multimillion-dollar operation. Flavorman, which began its journey three decades ago, has now grown into a thriving business with headquarters in Louisville and a team of 68 dedicated employees. The company’s success lies in maintaining strict confidentiality, keeping its ingredients and combinations tightly under wraps.

Unveiling the Next Big Thing: Innovation at the Louisville Tasting Lab

On Tuesday, the Louisville tasting lab was abuzz with scientific activity as chemists and food scientists measured and tested potential game-changers in the beverage industry. David Dafoe, the founder and CEO of Flavorman, emphasized the importance of ongoing success, stating, “For us, it is the number of beverages we create every year. When we go to the store and we see all these beverages on the shelf, we are like ‘We did that.'” Such a mindset is at the core of Flavorman’s achievements.

Award and Recognition from President Joe Biden’s Small Business Administrator

Demonstrating its influence and leadership, Flavorman welcomed President Joe BidenÔÇÖs Small Business Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman and Kentucky U.S. Congressman Morgan McGarvey, who were given a tour of the facility on Tuesday. Guzman presented Dafoe with a national award, acknowledging his exceptional accomplishments as a small business owner. Impressed by Flavorman’s impact, Guzman stated, “Not only are they successful as entrepreneurs themselves, but they are also helping to create entrepreneurs around the country and the globe.”

Expansion and Education: Fueling Flavorman’s Growth

Flavorman’s prosperity is evident not only through its increasing business but also through its recent ventures. The company has acquired a new 27,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center, solidifying its operations. In addition, it proudly hosts Moonshine University, an institution that nurtures aspiring professionals seeking careers in the distillery field. Dafoe attributes Flavorman’s success to the supportive infrastructure available locally, such as the Small Business Administration (SBA), which provides educational resources.

Sustaining a Vibrant Small Business Community

Kentucky’s small business landscape is flourishing, with a staggering 115,000 new applications emerging in the past two years. Jennifer Lubenstein, the executive director of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, acknowledges the collective effort to maintain a thriving atmosphere for local businesses. She states, “Our local community ÔÇö they know to keep Louisville weird. They know why buying local is important, and, for those businesses to feel that love, that makes a difference to our small business community.” However, she also highlights the importance of addressing the “Silver Tsunami,” the increasing number of individuals approaching retirement and contemplating their next steps. Lubenstein explains that there is a shift in programming to focus on succession planning.

Flavorman’s Global Impact and Local Dedication

While Flavorman boasts a global reach, with clients including Jones Soda, Kellogg’s, Chiquita Brands, and Ocean Spray, its roots firmly remain in Louisville. Dafoe, acknowledging the contributions of his team, expressed his gratitude and stated, “This is awesome, but I look around this room and I see all these people who really made it happen. And so I am really grateful to everyone in this room.”

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