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Introducing Wildflower Bakes: A Gluten Free Venture

In the first of a new series, Brig’s food section speaks to Hannah Coyle about her fully gluten-free business, Wildflower Bakes.

A Journey Inspired by Coeliac Disease

Hannah Coyle, now 25 years old, originally from Alloa, is currently studying English and Journalism at Stirling University while residing in Menstrie. Her journey into the world of gluten-free baking began in early 2022 when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its own cells when gluten is consumed.

For Hannah, the symptoms were severe, including stomach pains, migraines, and constant fatigue. She was deficient in various essential nutrients and severely anaemic, leading to serious concerns about her overall health.

Finally receiving a diagnosis brought relief, but it came with a catchÔÇönever eat gluten again. This meant a complete change in her diet, which was not easy, especially for someone with sensory challenges when it comes to food. However, with the right treatment and determination, Hannah has made significant progress since her diagnosis.

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A Passion for Baking and a Creative Journey

Hannah’s coeliac diagnosis acted as a catalyst for her culinary endeavors. Initially inspired by Becky Excell’s cookbook, she went from despising the kitchen to excelling in cooking gluten-free meals from scratch. Once she mastered main dishes, Hannah set her sights on perfecting her gluten-free vanilla sponge cake. Building on her success, she experimented with other flavors, including chocolate, red velvet, blueberry and lemon, and various tray bakes and cookies.

During this journey, Hannah discovered her talent for decorating cakes and realized that practice can lead to progress. Baking and decorating became more than just a hobby; they became a therapeutic outlet for her sensory issues and overstimulation. Following a step-by-step process offered her a sense of calmness and focus, benefiting her mental health and overall well-being.

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From Passion to Business: Wildflower Bakes

Driven by her desire to share the joy of gluten-free food with others who have coeliac disease, Hannah decided to start her own business, Wildflower Bakes. She understands the social isolation that can come with having dietary restrictions due to an autoimmune condition. Food is a significant part of socialization in our culture, and Hannah aims to make those with coeliac disease feel included and joyful around food again.

Wildflower Bakes currently offers a variety of gluten-free celebration cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that can be ordered. With the help of her social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, @wildflower_bakes08, Hannah reaches out to a wider audience and spreads awareness about her products.

The AI legalese decoder continues to benefit Hannah on her entrepreneurial journey. From providing clarity about food safety regulations to aiding in creating effective marketing materials, the decoder ensures Wildflower Bakes can operate successfully within the legal framework while reaching and delighting its customers.

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Feature image credit: Wildflower Bakes

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