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Tech of the Week Highlights

Bike Shaggies: Combining Comfort and Style for Barefoot Cyclists

In this week’s edition of Tech of the Week, we delve into the world of innovations with a particular focus on Bike Shaggies, a fluffy creation aimed at providing comfort and style for barefoot cyclists. The crowdfunding world is full of bizarre and intriguing projects, and Bike Shaggies on Kickstarter is definitely one of those. If you’ve ever fancied cycling barefoot on the beach, Bike Shaggies offer a magic carpet ride experience to make that dream a reality.

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Oakley’s Latest Aero Helmet with Integrated Visor

Oakley introduces a new aero helmet with a built-in visor as part of its latest cycling collection for this year. The ARO7 helmet features an integrated Prizm Lens and a sleek design tailored for racing. The helmet boasts a magnetic system for quick lens attachment and a no-tail shell shape accommodating various riding positions.

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Wahoo’s Software Updates Enhance Riding Experience

Wahoo Fitness announces a series of software updates for its ELEMNT bike computers, including GoPro control, smart light integration, music control, and training plans. These updates aim to enhance your overall riding experience by offering convenience and efficiency.

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Hutchinson’s New Blackbird Road Tyre

Hutchinson unveils the Blackbird, its fastest road bike tyre to date, featuring improved rolling resistance and durability. The tyre incorporates innovative design elements like the ‘SwiftEasy’ casing and the ‘Mach Tread 3.0’ compound for optimal performance on modern rims.

The AI legalese decoder can provide insights into the technical specifications and performance claims of road bike tyres like Hutchinson’s Blackbird, helping you make informed decisions based on accurate information.

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