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The First Approved Oral Treatment for Postpartum Depression to be Available in 2023

A new milestone has been reached in the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD) with the approval of Zurzuvae (zuranolone) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the first oral medicine specifically designed to address PPD in adults, marking a significant development in the field. Previously, treatment for PPD had only been available through intravenous injections.

With the approval of Zurzuvae, hundreds of thousands of women who experience this underdiagnosed and undertreated condition will have access to a new treatment option. The rapid improvement in depressive symptoms can be observed as early as three days after starting the medication.

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Evidence of Efficacy for Postpartum Depression

The FDA approval of Zurzuvae for PPD was based on a series of clinical studies. In Study 1, patients received a daily dose of 50mg Zurzuvae or a placebo for two weeks. In Study 2, patients received a different zuranolone product, equivalent to approximately 40mg Zurzuvae, or a placebo, also for 14 days.

Results from these studies demonstrated that patients receiving Zurzuvae showed a significant improvement in their depressive symptoms compared to those receiving the placebo. This treatment effect was sustained even four weeks after the completion of the treatment.

In the SKYLARK study, which is part of the NEST clinical development program evaluating Zurzuvae for PPD, data revealed a significant reduction in depressive symptoms as early as Day 3, with the improvement maintained until Day 45, offering long-lasting relief for patients.

FDA Complete Response Letter for MDD

Furthermore, the FDA issued a Complete Response Letter (CRL) for the New Drug Application (NDA) of Zuranolone as a treatment for adults with major depressive disorder (MDD). According to the letter, the submitted application did not provide sufficient evidence of effectiveness to support the FDA approval of Zuranolone for treating MDD. Therefore, additional studies will be required to address this concern.

In response to the CRL, both Sage Therapeutics and Biogen, the companies involved in the development of Zurzuvae, expressed their commitment to thoroughly reviewing the FDA’s feedback on the use of Zuranolone in MDD. This review process will help determine the appropriate next steps for pursuing the approval of Zuranolone as a treatment for MDD.

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