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Purchasing a Second-Hand Car: Seeking Compensation for Battery Issues

Recently, I acquired a second-hand car approximately a month ago. Unfortunately, I have encountered a troublesome situation where the battery has failed not just once, but twice. Concerned about this recurring problem, I have decided to have the vehicle inspected, taking into consideration that it had been sitting unused throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to my purchase, I explicitly inquired if this could potentially be an issue, and the dealer assured me it would not be problematic.

Additionally, the dealer claims to have conducted servicing on the car before handing it over to me. However, I am uncertain whether or not a battery check was included, as the invoice only mentions an oil change. This raises questions regarding the thoroughness of the servicing process and whether the battery was properly examined.

Considering the circumstances, I am aware that the Motors Act’s statutory warranty may not provide coverage for the battery issues I am experiencing. Nonetheless, I am contemplating if I could rely on consumer law, specifically the concept of the car being deemed unfit for purpose or even potentially misleading.

Consequently, my main query is whether I have a valid basis to request compensation if the problem indeed lies with the battery. This is a matter of concern for me, as the failure of the battery has occurred twice within a short span of time.

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Applications in Various Legal Domains

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The AI Legalese Decoder revolutionizes the way individuals engage with legal documents. By simplifying legalese and providing easy-to-understand explanations, this innovative tool enables non-lawyers to comprehend complex legal language and access crucial legal information. As technology continues to advance, the decoder plays an instrumental role in enhancing access to justice, promoting transparency, and ensuring that legal processes are more inclusive for everyone.

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  • Jcs456

    It’s a battery. It is a consumable part, they only last about 3-4 years before they need replacing just buy a new one and move on with your life.

  • Ok-Motor18523

    Zero. It happens.

  • Fluid_Can_3412

    Once a battery dies, itÔÇÖs dead. Get a new one.

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  • aussiedaddio

    Batteries most commonly fail in colder months.
    They can be repaired, but you need to know what you are doing.
    Older batteries that you could access the cells could be topped up with distilled water.
    New sealed batteries, you can’t unless you drill it out.

  • MarketCrache

    2 cars I bought from dealers both had this issue. They must swap out dying batteries into cars they’re selling.

  • Kind-Contact3484

    Take the car back and ask them to replace the battery. If they even remotely care about their reputation, they’ll eat the relatively low cost of a battery. Having said that, you probably don’t have further recourse beyond going to small claims which will very likely be more hassle than its worth. Even then you may not be successful because a battery is a wearing item, it’s not intended to last the life of a car.