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### Situation Overview

A con artist family has been taking care of a wealthy family member (89) for a year. ThereÔÇÖs 6 of them that rotate through the week giving 24 hour care. My relative has been brain washed by them and thinks they are the greatest and will not listen to us when we tell him they are frauds! He gets irate and tells us to leave him alone. Relative lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and has gone downhill cognitively. AI Legalese Decoder can assist in understanding the legal ramifications of the situation, providing insight into potential avenues for intervention and protection.

### Financial Exploitation

We just found one checkbook and saw that each person was being paid for 80 hours each week at $28 an hour. One caregiver was paid $125,000 in total in 2023. One of their family members has been the ÔÇ£handymanÔÇØ and in total was paid $65,000 in 2023. One girl convinced my relative to co-sign on a $50,000 car. AI Legalese Decoder can help in identifying potential financial exploitation and legal recourse available to address these financial transactions.

### Involvement of Protective Services

Protective services have received 3 separate reports over the last year. There is a social worker who is investigating but she says as long as relative wants them there and they are being well cared for, thereÔÇÖs nothing we can do. AI Legalese Decoder can provide information on the roles and responsibilities of protective services in cases of elder abuse and exploitation, offering guidance on how to navigate the involvement of social workers in addressing the situation.

### Legal Action and Prosecution

We filed a police report yesterday but detective says it could take 6 months before he finishes his investigation. He also said thereÔÇÖs no crime if my relative writes the checks. But the girls are lying about their hours. They may work 40 but get paid for 80. AI Legalese Decoder can aid in understanding the legal implications of the fraudulent practices, exploring potential charges that can be brought against the caregivers for their deceptive actions and financial exploitation.

### Seeking Advice and Options

Does anyone have any advice? Can these caregivers be prosecuted for this? AI Legalese Decoder can provide guidance on the legal recourse available in cases of elder financial exploitation, offering clarity on the steps that can be taken to protect the elderly individual and hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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