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**CNN**: Donald Trump’s Net Worth Inflated by Alleged $2.2 Billion, New York Attorney General’s Office Claims

In a civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump, his adult sons, and the Trump Organization, lawyers for the New York attorney general’s office alleged that the former president inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in a single year. According to the attorney general’s office, correcting the alleged misvaluations in Trump’s financial statements reduces his net worth by 17-39% each year, amounting to between $812 million and $2.2 billion, depending on the year. The biggest disparity of $2.2 billion occurred in 2014, as stated by the attorney general’s office.

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The allegations made by the attorney general’s office were included in a partial summary judgment motion filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The motion claims that there is no need for a trial, as the evidence presented demonstrates that the defendants grossly and materially inflated the values of their assets in financial statements, which were then used to defraud banks and insurers in various business transactions. The attorney general’s office argues that the documents unequivocally prove that Trump’s financial statements do not reflect the true value of his assets.

In a recently released deposition, Trump stated that he had minimal involvement in preparing the financial depositions, acknowledging that the former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, primarily handled the numbers included in the statements. Trump’s lawyers responded to the allegations by filing a motion to dismiss the case, asserting that the Trump Organization’s financial statements were not misleading.

The attorney general’s office, supported by valuation and accounting experts, contends that Trump’s net worth between 2011 and 2021 would be no higher than $2.6 billion, significantly lower than the claimed net worth of up to $6.1 billion. The office alleges that the inflated asset values allowed Trump and others to benefit from favorable loan terms and insurance rates. According to James’ office, the judge’s decision on the pending motions is expected just before the trial.

Trump and his legal team have consistently denied any wrongdoing, with his lawyers emphasizing that the financial statements were not misleading, and the Trump Organization never missed a loan payment. They argue that there was no intent to defraud lenders or insurers, and the statements included disclaimers stating that they were unaudited and deviated from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

To support their argument, Trump’s lawyers highlighted deposition testimony from Rosemary Vrablic, the former head of private wealth management at Deutsche Bank, which has provided substantial loans to the Trump Organization. Vrablic testified that, to the best of her knowledge, Trump did not submit materially misleading statements to the lender. The bank reportedly earned over $75 million in interest on the loans. The filing also mentioned another lender, Ladder Capital, which made $40 million in interest.

David Miller, a former executive at Erie Insurance, testified that the insurer Zurich did not rely on asset valuations at all. Trump’s legal team used this testimony to strengthen their argument that the financial statements were not misleading.

During the deposition, Trump was questioned about the valuations of his properties and golf courses, which James alleges were fraudulently inflated to secure lower rates on loans and insurance. Trump distanced himself from the preparation of the financial statements, claiming that he had minimal involvement and relied on the hired accountants to provide the necessary information. He emphasized that the accountants were responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the statements.

The upcoming trial, scheduled for October, poses significant financial stakes for Trump and his family. New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $250 million in damages while also aiming to permanently bar Trump and his sons from holding officer or director positions in any New York state-registered business. Additionally, the attorney general’s office wants to prohibit them from engaging in new real estate transactions for five years. The case alleges that the Trumps enriched themselves by inflating the value of multiple properties, including Trump Tower’s triplex apartment, Mar-a-Lago, and various golf courses.

Continual updates will be provided as this story unfolds, with further developments shaping the narrative of this legal battle.

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