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**Considering a Job Offer with a Misdemeanor and RSO Status**

Just recently, I received a job offer from a company that seems really promising. They have informed me that they will be conducting a background check as part of the hiring process. I did disclose to them that I have a misdemeanor on my record, but I failed to mention that I am also a Registered Sex Offender (RSO). Surprisingly, they reassured me that having a misdemeanor is acceptable and they are primarily concerned with any time spent in jail.

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  • EntertainmentOnly250

    To answer your last question in the body of your post, I would say yes since you don’t have anything really to lose other than the prospective position at the job.

  • CompetitiveMark9788

    You need to do the background check If they require it. Be honest answering any questions but don’t offer anything extra that’s not asked. Many companies will only go back 7 years to look for a conviction. Currently on the registry maybe an issue but may not be an automatic disqualification.

  • DistinctOrder2785

    So after a long incarceration I got out a little while back. I didn’t have to disclose any criminal history for the job I’m at now. However the background check came back and I was asked

    “Is there anything on your background check that might show up?”

    So I let them know I am on the sex offender registry. They thanked me for being honest and still moved forward with hiring me. I have heard some pretty bad horror stories from friends though so it is very hit or miss.

  • BobM1953

    be honest and let them know. depending on the job you may get it. dont let them catch you lying or trying to hide something. that could always come back to get you

    good luck