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## Moving from Denmark to Spain: Tax Residency and Refunds


Let’s say on from Jan 1st of 2024 I am residing and working in Denmark (with CPR number), and on April 1st 2024 I move to Spain to reside (without working). I am a Spanish citizen.

I work for a Danish company that withholds my corresponding taxes from my payslip each month. However, if I move out of Denmark, spend less than 183 days there, and spend more than 183 days in Spain, I will be tax resident in Spain.

Will the tax authority of Denmark (called Skat) give me back the taxes I paid for those three months (from Jan to March incl.) so that I can declare those months of income in Spain? If so, how does the process work? If not, will Spain not ask for taxes corresponding to those three months in 2024 if I can demonstrate I paid them in Denmark?

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