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## Managing a Global Food and Beverage Business in the Face of Global Inflation

Managing a global food and beverage business is no easy task, and the challenges become even greater when faced with a period of global inflation that hasn’t been seen in 30 years. The pressure is on for companies like Danone SA to navigate these difficulties and ensure their continued success. During a conference call held on July 26 to discuss Danone SA’s first-half performance, Antoine Bernard de Saint-Affrique, the chief executive officer, shed light on consumer trends the company is observing in various parts of the world.

### Consumer Trends in Different Markets

One noteworthy market discussed by Saint-Affrique is China, which he described as “very active.” Due to the later opening of the Chinese market following the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer mobility is still increasing and demand continues to rise. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses operating in this region.

On the other hand, Europe faces a different scenario altogether. Saint-Affrique highlighted that there is no single European consumer, as the degree of inflation varies widely from country to country. The impact of inflation can be seen clearly in countries like the UK and Poland, where the situation differs significantly from that of France.

In North America, consumer behavior is showing signs of becoming more cautious and frugal. Saint-Affrique noted that in the last quarter, certain categories experienced more consumer action, leading to increased sales in certain channels such as discounts and clubs. However, other channels may have seen a decrease in sales during this period.

### Danone’s First-Half Results Reflect Consumer Behavior

The fragmented nature of consumer behavior around the world is clearly reflected in Danone’s first-half results. The company’s net income rose to €1.13 billion ($1.26 billion), or €1.70 ($1.89) per share on the common stock, from €774 million ($862 million), or €1.14 ($1.27) per share, in the previous year.

First-half sales also experienced growth, rising by 6% to reach €14.2 billion ($15.8 billion). This growth in sales was largely driven by pricing, which contributed 9.4% to the overall increase. However, the volume/mix component saw a slight decline of 1.1%.

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### Danone’s Performance in North America

Danone’s first-half sales in North America recorded a notable increase of 7%, reaching €3.14 billion ($3.50 billion). This growth can be attributed to the success of several brands, including Coffee Creations, International Delight, Stok, Oikos, and Evian. The company’s ability to adapt and cater to the preferences of North American consumers has been crucial in achieving this positive performance.

### Danone’s Business Situation in Russia

Regarding Danone’s business operations in Russia, the company provided an update on recent developments. The Russian authorities made changes to the board of directors and CEO of Danone Russia (EDP) without Danone’s knowledge or approval. Despite this, Danone still retains legal ownership of its operations in Russia, even though it no longer has control over their management.

As a result of these changes, Danone announced that it will deconsolidate its Russia operations starting from July 2023. This decision will trigger a cash impairment charge of approximately €200 million ($223 million), which will be recognized on December 31, 2023.

In conclusion, managing a global food and beverage business during a period of unprecedented inflation presents numerous challenges. However, by closely monitoring consumer trends, leveraging innovative technologies like the AI legalese decoder, and adapting strategies to different markets, companies like Danone can navigate these difficulties and maintain their growth and profitability.

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