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### New Poll Shows Americans Support for Businesses and Pro-Growth Policies

A recently commissioned poll by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reveals that the majority of voters acknowledge the positive contributions made by private businesses to American society. Moreover, the survey demonstrates widespread support for pro-growth, pro-enterprise policies that drive job creation. This positive sentiment is evident among members of both major political parties as well as independents. The findings emphasize the belief that businesses, irrespective of their size, play a significant role in supporting the economy, fostering job opportunities, and strengthening the nation.

The American public recognizes that a thriving and successful business community contributes to a stronger and more prosperous country. The Texas Association of Business President and CEO, Glenn Hamer, affirms that these poll numbers confirm that Americans perceive businesses as forces for good. Moreover, it highlights that the positive contributions of businesses are not just talking points of the Chamber of Commerce, but a consensus across the political spectrum.

Interestingly, the poll also reveals that voters demonstrate greater trust in businesses compared to the government. Respondents expressed trust in small businesses as well as their own employers, highlighting their perception of them as particularly reliable. The sentiment toward the government, on the other hand, exhibits more doubt.

When it comes to specific policies, voters align their views with those of businesses. They support efforts to expand international commerce and ease the hurdles businesses encounter in operating efficiently, such as streamlining permitting processes and reducing exposure to frivolous lawsuits. This finding suggests that voters believe in creating an environment that enables businesses to thrive and contribute to overall economic growth.

The poll’s results hold significance for candidates preparing for the 2024 campaigns. It reveals that a majority of voters, regardless of party affiliation, are more likely to support a candidate described as “pro-business.” This demonstrates the electorate’s inclination towards candidates who prioritize fostering an environment conducive to business growth and economic prosperity.

Additionally, the survey found that an overwhelming number of Republicans, Democrats, and independents support permitting reform to accelerate critical infrastructure projects. They also favor international trade deals that facilitate the sale of American goods and services abroad. Moreover, a significant majority across party lines support tort reform, including curbing frivolous lawsuits and ensuring fair arbitration processes for workers.

Furthermore, a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents prefer a free market system over government management of the economy. This preference for a market-driven approach suggests a widespread belief that businesses should operate based on market dynamics rather than government interference.

The U.S. Chamber poll’s findings are consistent with recent polling from reputable sources like the New York Times/Siena and Echelon Insights concerning Republican voters’ stance on government regulation of business decisions. The data emphasizes that both businesses and voters reject government micromanagement. Freedom from government intervention allows businesses to be more innovative and creative, leading to job creation and a flourishing economy.

According to Neil Bradley, the Executive Vice President of the U.S. Chamber, the poll results provide valuable insight into voters’ perspectives on the government’s desired role. Bradley suggests that voters prioritize allowing consumers and the market to determine business outcomes, rather than allowing government interference. This sentiment contradicts the expectations set by the loudest partisan voices.

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The U.S. Chamber’s poll comprised 1,327 registered voters across the country and was conducted by North Star Opinion Research from June 17th to June 22nd.

legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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