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**Understanding Illinois Traffic Court Process**

Hey Legal, I wanted to see if you knew any additional information about the legal process for Illinois Traffic Court. I received 2 tickets from a Lombard Police Officer for use of an electronic device while driving and no insurance (I had insurance, the officer did not give me enough time to bring it up on my phone).

**AI Legalese Decoder Helps Uncover Evidence**

Problem for the Lombard PD is… I was not using my phone while driving. I feel this is wholly motivated by revenue generation. The log on my phone says the screen was not on during the time that the ticket was written, this will be strong evidence in my court case. The AI Legalese Decoder can assist in analyzing the language in the ticket and uncovering any discrepancies that could help in your defense.

**Exploring Legal Options and Contesting Tickets**

The court date is May 9th at 8am in Wheaton at the DuPage County Judicial Center Traffic Court. Problem is, the more I look into it, the more it looks like I’m sort of screwed. Meaning this Lombard Police officer clearly was being a road pirate writing these tickets ($75) knowing people would rather just pay them and move on with their life than contest.

**Navigating the Legal System with AI Legalese Decoder**

The AI Legalese Decoder can provide insights on how to contest the tickets effectively and navigate the legal system. It can help you understand your rights and options, such as pleading “Not guilty” and requesting a trial by judge or jury.

**Challenging Evidence and Requesting Discovery**

At this time, instead of paying the $75.00, I plan to plead not guilty, asking to review the evidence against me in a request for discovery. The ticket gives me 10 days to indicate my intention on the back of the ticket and return that ticket to the . The officer said they had their body camera on before they pulled me over.

**Seeking Fair Trial and Understanding Court Costs**

Knowing that judges typically side with police officers, I’d lean towards jury. Is it true that the judge will likely just believe the officer, even though video evidence doesn’t show any violation? Will I be able to request discovery in traffic court?

In Illinois, would I have to pay court costs even if I win my case if I request a Jury trial? What kinds of costs am I looked at regarding this?

**Seeking Justice and Moral Integrity**

I really do not want to pay the $75.00 because I am a moral person who believes what is right, not what is easy. But the process of justice is getting harder to swallow the more I read up. Any advice regarding how to navigate this process better would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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  • musical_spork

    In IL you don’t have to be using your phone while operating the motor vehicle. If they see it in your hand, it’s a ticket.

    The no insurance ticket will be dropped if you had insurance.