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## Situation: Hit and Run Incident with Client’s Vehicle

I was working today and was hit by my client’s vehicle at their home on their driveway. My client left and came back in the middle of my service and did not mention hitting my vehicle. When I went to go leave, I noticed my door was caved in and had white paint transfer on the vehicle.

Since I was parked in their driveway, I figured it out it must have been him that hit my vehicle so I rung the door bell to confront them. They opened their garage and it clearly shows paint transfer from my car and work emblem on their vehicle. It looks as if they hit my car while backing up and scraped my door when exiting the driveway.

They admitted fault right away and tried to ask to not go through insurance as they already had a claim on their vehicle and wanted to pay out of pocket instead. We exchanged information and I left but immediately called it in to ICBC as I felt it was extremely shady to not say anything to me until confronted and don’t want to be on the hook for paying to replace my door.

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My question is, does this clarify as a hit and run since they did not tell me they hit my vehicle until confronted? I was parked in their driveway so technically they came home “to the scene” but they also technically left before returning home so I’m unsure if it should be reported or not.

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