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### Potential Consequences for NHL Players Pleading to a Lesser Charge

I know this is slightly off topic but I’m wondering if these guys end up pleading to a lesser charge what would be the consequences as far as them continuing their NHL careers. It seems to be that short of going to trial and being found not guilty their careers are over as any plea would require them to register and they would be barred from traveling to the US. Has anyone seen anything on this or do any of our friends in Canada have an opinion?

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  • Weight-Slow

    Their NHL careers are likely over regardless of outcome.

    The fact that Hockey Canada is appealing the decision of the third party company they hired to investigate the incident makes it evident that they determined wrongdoing/criminal actions occurred. There would otherwise be nothing to appeal.

    Hiring players who have been determined to be at fault via civil or criminal court or by private investigation would be an absolutely stupid and very costly move on their part.

  • Adwild74

    Career over if found guilty. Probably also if found innocent.

    Guys are in better financial situations then most and are young enough to move on with their lives with ease.

  • Admirable-Solution39

    So apparently a lawyer said if they went to trial it may be delayed to 2026 which potentially could be thrown out of court for breach of charter rights. It’s probably speculation but courts are all extremely backed up and there have been hundreds of cases that were tossed because of this