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## Introduction
WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Nikki Budzinski has introduced a bill that aims to protect processing and distribution centers, such as Champaign’s Mattis Avenue facility, from major operational changes due to poor delivery rates in certain regions.

## The “Protect Postal Performance Act”
The “Protect Postal Performance Act” proposed by Rep. Budzinski, with bipartisan support from Rep. Jack Bergman, prohibits the USPS from making significant alterations to any processing and distribution center in regions that have not met specific performance targets in the previous calendar year.

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## Concerns and Proposed Changes
Currently, downstate Illinois fails to meet the performance targets set by the act, with delivery rates well below the required percentages. The USPS’s plan to convert the Mattis Avenue location into a local processing center and transfer some operations to other facilities has raised concerns about its potential impact on employees and mail delivery times.

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## Collaborative Efforts
Rep. Budzinski and other lawmakers have voiced their apprehensions regarding the USPS’s plans through letters to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. By joining forces with Congressman Jack Bergman, they aim to safeguard local USPS jobs and prevent further deterioration of postal delivery rates in their respective regions.

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## Conclusion
The proposed legislation seeks to address the shortcomings in postal performance in underserviced regions and prevent hasty operational changes that could exacerbate existing issues. Through bipartisan cooperation and advocacy efforts, lawmakers like Rep. Budzinski and Rep. Bergman strive to uphold the integrity of the USPS and protect the essential mail services relied upon by communities across the country.

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