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Allie + Bess Hosts School Supply Drive to Support Domestic Violence Survivors

As the first day of school approaches in North Texas, Allie + Bess, a locally owned jewelry brand, is going the extra mile to ensure that children in need have a great start to the school year. The company recently organized a school supply drive to benefit Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, a shelter that provides assistance to families escaping domestic violence.

By collecting hundreds of backpacks and various school supplies, Allie + Bess aims to support the children of women living in the shelter and help them transition into their new educational environments. This initiative aligns with the brand’s commitment to philanthropy, as stated by Bess Callarman, Co-Founder of Allie + Bess: “As mothers ourselves, the mission of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support deeply resonates with us. We believe in giving back, and we hope that our school supply donations can bring happiness and support to these mothers and children in need.”

The school supply drive was held in conjunction with the launch of Allie + Bess’s latest and most extensive collection to date—a Game Day collection featuring vibrant bracelets and necklaces designed to celebrate school spirit. The event served as a pep rally of sorts, encouraging customers to contribute to the cause by bringing in items for donation.

Allie Wardlaw, Co-Founder of Allie + Bess, expressed excitement about the Game Day collection, stating, “We poured our hearts and souls into this collection, and we can’t wait for our customers to see it. Allie + Bess was born out of a love for fashion, and we are thrilled that our customers can express their unique style and school spirit by layering our necklaces and bracelets.”

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