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## Voluntary Disclosure of Undeclared Cryptocurrency Activities to IRD

I am currently exploring the option of making a voluntary disclosure to IRD regarding my undeclared cryptocurrency activities from the years 2017 and 2018. Initially, my cryptocurrency portfolio was performing well, but after a market crash, it faced significant losses and eventually went into negative territory. Regrettably, I made the decision to ignore the situation in hopes of a recovery that never materialized. Unaware of the tax implications, I failed to consider the consequences of trading between coins without cashing out to fiat currency.

### Dealing with Tax Implications

I have compiled most of my transaction records using Koinly, revealing over $100,000 in taxable income for the year 2017. However, I am also missing some transaction history, particularly from the defunct Cryptopia exchange, which was unable to provide the necessary information upon my request.

### Seeking Advice

I am seeking guidance on the potential penalties and interest that I might face for undeclared taxable income and inadequate record-keeping. I am uncertain about the leniency of IRD in such situations and would appreciate any insights or advice on how to navigate this complex issue.

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