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# Considering Doing Our Own Taxes in Germany: A Case Study

## Background

I have been living in Germany for approximately 8 years now, and up until recently, our taxes were handled by a tax advisor, specifically a Lohnsteuerverein. However, due to my wife’s freelance work last year followed by another full-time employment, the Lohnsteuerverein is no longer able to assist us.

## Current Situation

Now, I am contemplating whether it is feasible for me to take on the task of doing our taxes myself. This is a particularly challenging task given that one of us is employed full-time while the other has a combination of freelance and full-time employment. I am uncertain if online platforms like TaxFix are equipped to handle such a complex tax scenario.

## Considerations for 2023 and Beyond

Although the Lohnsteuerverein was costly, I never had complete transparency into how our returns were filed. Hence, the idea of managing our taxes on my own has been on my mind for some time. However, the addition of freelancing in our 2023 finances makes it a daunting year to venture into independent tax filing.

## Seeking Guidance for the Future

As we approach the upcoming tax year, I am torn between seeking professional help for 2023 and starting to manage our taxes independently from 2024 onwards. I am curious about what others in a similar situation typically do in such circumstances.

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