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## Mortgage Repayment Calculator for Predicting Monthly Payments

Is there a mortgage repayment calculator that can accurately determine the monthly payments throughout the entire duration of the mortgage, assuming a consistent interest rate? Many individuals seek this information to better understand their financial commitments and plan for the future. For instance, a $1M loan may currently require a monthly payment of $6,626 on a 6.41% interest rate. However, as time progresses and more principal is paid off, the monthly payment amount may decrease.

Having access to a tool that provides a visual representation, such as a graph, of how the monthly payments will fluctuate over time can be incredibly helpful in managing finances and making informed decisions.

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  • Slowstrokeretiquette

    WonÔÇÖt repayments stay the same unless interest rate changes? Pretty sure they account for what youÔÇÖre suggesting already

  • Katastrophiser

    Loans repayments are calculated so that youÔÇÖd pay the same amount every month for the entire loan term. If the rate never changed, and you never paid extra / never have an offset, your starting payment amount would be the same as your final payment amount.

    This means youÔÇÖll pay higher interest payments at the start of the loan, pay equal amounts principal and interest in the middle, and then smash out the final 7 or so years paying much higher principal than interest payments at the end.

    When you see it charted on a graph, you usually pay off half your balance in the last 10ish years (of a 30 yr term).

    First few years of a loan are slooooooow going if youÔÇÖre only paying the minimum amount.

  • utah12345

    repayments stay the same just split between interest and principal will change. excel has a loan amortisation template in it where u can see

  • clementineford

    Have a play with

  • ribbonsofnight

    The payment stays the same (assuming a constant interest rate) but the proportion that is principal and the proportion that is interest changes over time.

    If the interest rate goes down the time usually changes and if the rate goes up your payment usually changes.

  • Flossieflu

    If you Google amortisation calculator it will show you how the principle and interest amounts change over time.