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## Elavon and Woo Partnership Announcement

### Elavon to Enhance Payment Solutions for Small Businesses

Elavon has recently announced a strategic partnership with Woo to provide improved online payment capabilities for micro and small businesses. With this collaboration, businesses using the WooCommerce platform in European countries such as Poland, Germany, the UK, and more will now have access to Elavon’s payment extension.

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### Benefits of Installing the Elavon Extension

By installing the Elavon extension, WooCommerce merchants can instantly tap into Elavon’s payment services, offering a reliable, secure, and valuable payment solution. This collaboration aims to assist small and medium businesses in expanding their reach and operating in new markets.

### Free Download on the WooCommerce Marketplace

The extension provided by Elavon will be available for free download on the WooCommerce Marketplace, making it easily accessible to businesses seeking to enhance their payment processing capabilities.

### Enhanced Merchant Management by Elavon

Elavon will personally manage all merchants utilizing the new extension, ensuring a high level of service and support as businesses evolve and grow. This hands-on approach can add significant value to small businesses in managing their payment operations effectively.

### Testimonials and Future Outlook

Eva Paredes, Head of SMB at Elavon, expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting the commitment to support small businesses as they expand. Similarly, Web Griebel, Head of Payment Partnerships at Woo, praised Elavon’s payment solutions and emphasized the value it brings to businesses.

### Expansion and Future Partnerships

This partnership is just one of several collaborations initiated by Elavon this year. The recent partnership with FreedomPay further showcases Elavon’s dedication to enhancing payment solutions for the hospitality and retail sectors in Europe.

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