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## MenÔÇÖs March Madness Continues with Exciting Round of 32 Games

Mens March Madness continues Sunday with a whopping eight second-round games. Expect thrilling action from three top seeds in action  defending champion UConn, along with Houston and Purdue. Get ready for over 12 hours of non-stop hoops excitement!

Brand names like Duke and Baylor are gearing up for advancement, but donÔÇÖt overlook the giant-killers lurking in the shadows. James Madison, Grand Canyon, and Yale are all back in action after pulling off monumental upsets in the first round.

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## Full Schedule of Men’s March Madness Games Today

Excitement is at its peak with SundayÔÇÖs jam-packed schedule. Catch all the action as the best college hoops teams battle it out on the court.

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DonÔÇÖt miss out on a single moment of the madness. Keep track of the latest news, scores, and analysis throughout the day courtesy of USA TODAY Sports. Follow along for all the thrilling moments and game-changing plays.

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## Purdue Dominates Utah State at Halftime

Purdue is showcasing its dominance against Utah State, with a substantial lead at halftime. The Boilermakers are controlling the paint, setting the stage for a commanding performance in the second half.

**Zach Edey Shines:**
PurdueÔÇÖs star player, Zach Edey, is delivering a spectacular performance with impressive stats. His scoring prowess and rebounding skills are proving to be key factors in PurdueÔÇÖs commanding lead.

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## Utah State Struggles Against PurdueÔÇÖs Size Advantage

Utah State is facing challenges against Purdue, especially dealing with the size advantage of players like Zach Edey. The Aggies are adapting their strategy to counter PurdueÔÇÖs inside presence, but hurdles still remain in containing the powerhouse offense.

**Edey’s Impact:**
Zach EdeyÔÇÖs commanding presence on the court is causing disruptions for Utah State, forcing them to adjust their game plan to mitigate his influence.

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## Marquette Clinches Victory Over Colorado, Advances to Sweet 16

Marquette’s impressive performance against Colorado secures them a spot in the Sweet 16. A collective effort from key players led by guards Tyler Kolek and Kam Jones seals the deal for the Golden Eagles in a hard-fought battle.

**WhatÔÇÖs Next:**
Marquette will face off against No. 11 NC State in the upcoming Sweet 16 matchup, promising more thrilling hoops action.

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