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## Las Vegas: Emerging Tech Hub

Las Vegas, known primarily for its gaming and entertainment industries, is making significant strides in the tech sector, challenging the stereotype that it lacks a strong tech presence. Local leaders are optimistic about the city’s potential in the technology industry.

### Diversification in Tech Companies

Traditionally associated with gaming, Las Vegas is now home to a variety of tech companies like Switch and Plan A Technologies, showcasing its diverse capabilities beyond hospitality and entertainment. The presence of these companies is reshaping the city’s reputation as a tech hub.

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### Attracting Tech Talent

Aron Ezra, chairman of Plan A Technologies, highlights Las Vegas’ favorable business environment, conducive for attracting a variety of businesses. With great weather, a favorable tax environment, and ease of navigation, the city is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for tech companies.

#### Enhancing Business Recruitment Efforts

Tina Quigley, president of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, actively works towards recruiting tech companies to southern Nevada. Through initiatives like “Locate Las Vegas,” Quigley aims to showcase the city’s diverse offerings beyond hospitality and gaming, attracting companies to establish a presence in Las Vegas.

### Potential for Growth

While progress has been made in laying the foundation for tech advancement in Las Vegas, there is a consensus among leaders that more needs to be done to showcase the city to tech investors. Access to investment capital, particularly venture capital, is identified as a key factor in propelling Las Vegas to the next level in the tech industry. The city’s potential is garnering attention from tech leaders, indicating a promising future for Las Vegas as an emerging tech hub.

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