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Kristina Wynne: Empowering Small Business Owners

Kristina Wynne’s journey in the Chicago small business community began at a young age, working at her family’s pharmacy. Now, at 35, she is the founder of The Wynners Club, where she provides consulting services to startups and early-stage businesses. However, her true passion lies in educating entrepreneurs.

Through her company, Wynne has been running an eight-week business boot camp for the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois for five years. This program, which she developed in partnership with the chamber’s former executive director, Jerom├® Holston, aims to help LGBTQ small business owners develop their business plans, practice investor pitches, and learn from expert speakers.

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At the end of the program, participants have the opportunity to compete in the LGBTQ+ Biz Boot Camp OUT-Pitch Competition, where they can win grants to further support their businesses.

The Evolution of the Program

Over the years, Wynne has refined the program to provide clear outcomes for participants. What started as a six-week course has now expanded into an eight-week cohort, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive business plan.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs in the LGBT Community

Wynne’s work with entrepreneurs goes beyond just business strategy. She offers mentorship and support to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including service-based and product-based businesses. By fostering a supportive environment, she helps entrepreneurs build confidence and tackle the unique challenges they face.

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Driving Success and Impact

Through her program, Wynne has seen numerous success stories, such as Taylor’s Tacos and Goals Not Dreams gym. These accomplishments not only highlight the potential of small businesses but also reflect Wynne’s dedication to empowering entrepreneurs.

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