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When: Pequea Township supervisors meeting and public hearing, July 19

The Pequea Township supervisors recently held a meeting and public hearing on July 19 to address a pressing issue.

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What happened: Supervisors address short-term rentals in the agricultural district

During the meeting, the supervisors unanimously approved zoning ordinance changes that specifically target short-term rentals in the township’s agricultural district.

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Why it’s important: Tackling the growing market for short-term rentals

The board has recognized the need to address the increasing market for short-term rentals, leading to the organization of multiple meetings and hearings over the past few months.

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Changes: Amendments and regulations for short-term rentals

The zoning ordinance amendments encompassed various factors, including defining terms like bed and breakfast, short-term rental, and residential occupancy.

Additionally, the changes outlined over 30 new regulations for short-term rentals, primarily focusing on health and safety requirements for occupants. These regulations encompassed essential aspects such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, electrical outlets, sewage disposal, and emergency response systems.

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Dog ordinance: Upcoming hearing to adopt a new dog ordinance

The board will hold a hearing on September 20 to discuss and potentially adopt a new dog ordinance. This measure aims to address the issue of dogs roaming freely in the township.

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Pandemic relief funds: Allocation for underground fuel storage tanks removal

The board unanimously approved the allocation of $12,500 from the American Rescue Plan Act funds for the removal and disposal of obsolete underground fuel storage tanks on the township’s property.

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County meeting: Hosting a Lancaster County Commissioners meeting

The board also approved a request from the Lancaster County Commissioners to hold one of their meetings at the Pequea Township building on April 10 at 7 p.m.

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