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Reliance Industries Ltd. is planning to list its financial services business in an effort to establish it as the largest non-banking lender in India. By leveraging their digital and retail businesses, Reliance Industries aims to propel this newly carved out unit to success. Additionally, the company is seeking the reappointment of Mukesh Ambani as chief executive for another five years, with a nil salary, as per a company shareholder resolution.

To help shareholders understand the potential benefits and opportunities of this move, Mukesh Ambani conveyed in the annual report that the new entity is anticipated to unlock value and offer participation in a new growth platform. The much-awaited annual general meeting of shareholders is scheduled for August 28th, during which Reliance Industries will provide details about the listing of its recently spun-out Jio Financial Services (JFS). This move comes after JFS was valued at approximately $20 billion when its stock price exceeded expectations.

The goal of JFS, through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, is to offer a wide range of financial services solutions for both consumers and merchants. Utilizing technology as a key enabler, JFS aims to directly reach customers with simple, affordable, and innovative digital-first solutions. Analysts are eagerly awaiting further information on Mukesh Ambani’s strategies for Jio Financial Services Ltd., clean energy, and digital businesses.

Reliance Industries is also focused on expanding Jio Financial Services to become one of India’s leading non-banking finance companies, ultimately creating an empire similar to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. Additionally, according to Mukesh Ambani’s note to investors, Reliance is actively seeking opportunities to raise capital and support the growth plans of its existing and new businesses while maintaining financial discipline and risk management.

Reliance Industries foresees strong demand for polymer, a key product in its oil-to-chemicals business, driven by growth in various sectors such as e-commerce, packaging, automobiles, and infrastructure. Furthermore, the company expects a healthy global oil demand due to steady economic growth, along with new fuel supply from upcoming refining capacities in the Middle East, China, and Africa. Reliance has also achieved its first-ever green hydrogen production and aims to transition from gray to green hydrogen by 2025, with plans to establish a 20 GW solar capacity for captive needs.

Finally, Reliance is actively exploring new opportunities to augment its gas reserves and projects that peak production from its current deepwater fields will contribute about 30% of India’s domestic output. The company is continuously monitoring market conditions and trends to ensure its operations align with industry developments and customer needs.

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