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## Situation Overview
Hi all. I’ll try to make this brief. So, my ex has been avoiding filing his taxes for the past two years now because he knows his refund will go straight back to his owed child support. Right now, he owes about $12,900 from the past five years of us being separated. He then moved to Oregon, so I’m not sure what their child support/tax laws are up there. I’m honestly getting tired of it because I know me and my kids are owed that money and it would help immensely, but he just refuses to file them. Is there anything I can do? Will he get in trouble for this, and if so, when? Any information would be appreciated. I have researched this as much as I can, but haven’t found many results. TYIA!

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## Additional Information
I will also mention that yes, he does pay regular child support ($300-600) monthly, but that’s because he’s forced to. If he wasn’t forced to, he wouldn’t. We have 3 kids together, that’s why the amount seems so high.

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  • AudreyTwoToo

    It’s possible that he is filing taxes, but isn’t getting a refund because he adjusted his exemptions so he wouldn’t be due a refund. Not everyone who files their taxes gets a refund.

  • Geeklover1030

    Sounds like tax evasion which will eventually bite him in the ass, but idk when or if you can report it.

  • RockabillyRabbit

    If he’s not filing his taxes you can fill out an IRS form 3949-A which is the form for tax evasion/not filing taxes etc.

    My daughters bio has never filed taxes and especially doesn’t now that he owes over 24k in back support 😅 that’s about 6yrs of non payment for him as his payment is only 270 a month.

  • No-Regret-3510

    My ex does the same thing, he has multiple children to women and he doesn’t file taxes, and has his current gf file the children he can claim. Nothing you can do but wait until the irs catches up on it. You can call and report it but they most likely don’t do anything.

  • eldee17

    Mine does the same exact thing. He’s 5k in arrears, hasn’t done taxes in 3 years. It’s infuriating.

  • TechnicalCup4578

    He’s screwing himself. He can’t not file for taxes. IRS has seen this trick too, my ex husband is doing it as well. They’ll just wait him out then seize bank accounts, and/or have the police go after him. They will get their tax money.

  • [deleted]

    Why would he do that? Wouldn’t he want the balance to go down? That doesn’t make sense. I think you’re missing part of the story here.

  • AromaticMaterial9966

    My ex is doing the same thing except he was avoid doing his taxes because he was out on fro 6 months later after 8 years of running from them they are living together while under fro and feels like he doesn’t have to pay because he feels its the other women turn and she doesn’t like him having any communication w me about my child I hope everything works out