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## Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Alleging Anticompetitive Behavior

Disgruntled consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple claiming the tech giant has conspired to limit peer-to-peer payment options on its devices and block crypto technology from iOS payments apps.

The Nov. 17 complaint filed in a California District Court alleges Apple entered into anti-competitive agreements with PayPalÔÇÖs Venmo and BlockÔÇÖs Cash App to restrict the use of decentralized cryptocurrency technology in payment apps, which caused users to pay “rapidly inflating prices.”

ÔÇ£These agreements limit feature competitionÔÇöand the price competition that would flow from itÔÇömarketwide, including by barring the incorporation of decentralized cryptocurrency technology within existing or new iOS Peer-to-Peer Payment apps,ÔÇØ the filing says.

The plaintiffs also claimed Apple uses ÔÇ£technological and contractual restraints,ÔÇØ including hardware-enforced App Store exclusivity and ÔÇ£contractual limitations on web browser technologyÔÇØ to ÔÇ£exercise unfettered control over every app installed and run on iPhones and iPads.ÔÇØ

With these restraints, Apple can ÔÇö and does ÔÇö force new to market iOS P2P payment apps to bar crypto “as a condition for entry,” the suit claimed.

The plaintiffs describe themselves as customers who have paid inflated fees due to AppleÔÇÖs restraints of trade across the iOS P2P payment market. They seek to recover for excessive fees and overcharging due to AppleÔÇÖs alleged anticompetitive conduct and injunctive relief barring the firm from continuing to enter into and enforce anticompetitive agreements restraining iOS P2P Payment Market competitors and would-be entrants.

The 58-page class action details the history and rise of peer-to-peer payment apps and decentralized cryptocurrencies and AppleÔÇÖs entry into this market. In April, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Apple violated CaliforniaÔÇÖs competition laws by not allowing apps to direct users to non-Apple linked payment solutions.

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