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## U.S. Small Business Administration Praises Biden Administration’s Fiscal Budget

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) chief Isabel Casillas Guzman has lauded the Biden Administration for its new fiscal budget, citing its potential to empower entrepreneurs and sustain growth in the small business sector. This positive outlook was shared in a media release where Guzman emphasized the additional funds the SBA would receive through the new $7.3 trillion spending plan, highlighting the agency’s commitment to serving small businesses and startups that are crucial for economic development and global competition.

## Increased Support for Small Businesses Under Biden Administration

The SBA plays a vital role in providing essential services for small firms in the U.S. that lack substantial resources, serving as a primary source of small business loans and grants. During the Biden presidency, the agency has observed a surge in new business applications, particularly from minority and women entrepreneurs. This trend underscores the importance of continued support and resources for small businesses to thrive in the current economic landscape.

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## Ensuring Equitable Access to Capital and Resources

As part of the budget, the SBA is set to receive a significant boost in lending and investment authority, with plans to increase loan sizes for certain small businesses. These reforms aim to enhance equity in capital access among startups, addressing historical barriers to credit availability. Additionally, the budget allocates funds for community business training, counseling resources, programs for entrepreneurs, and initiatives to support veterans in obtaining business-related certifications.

## Addressing National Challenges Through Strategic Investments

Beyond its support for the SBA, the White House’s spending plan addresses various national issues, including reducing the national deficit, healthcare costs, and expanding access to affordable housing. Through targeted investments and policy measures, the budget seeks to create a more inclusive and sustainable economic environment for small businesses and individuals across the country.

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