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## Palestinian American Doctor Walks Out of Meeting with President Biden

A Palestinian American doctor, Dr. Thaer Ahmad, made headlines when he walked out of a meeting with President Biden and other Arab and Muslim leaders. Dr. Ahmad, an emergency physician from Chicago who had previously traveled to Gaza, felt compelled to leave “out of respect for my community.” The meeting marked the first time President Biden heard directly from individuals who had firsthand experiences in Gaza since October 7.

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In his conversation with President Biden, Dr. Ahmad highlighted the challenges faced by Palestinians in Khan Younis and Rafah, emphasizing the impossibility of a safe Israeli invasion in the southern Gaza city. After sharing his experiences, Dr. Ahmad presented a heartfelt letter from an 8-year-old orphan in Rafah pleading with the president to prevent an invasion.

Dr. Ahmad’s decision to leave the meeting stemmed from his community’s grief and the need for their voices to be heard. He expressed a sense of urgency and panic regarding the situation in Gaza, particularly the imminent Rafah invasion that could further escalate the crisis.

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During his interaction with U.N. Security Council delegation members, Dr. Ahmad stressed the potential impact of President Biden declaring Rafah as a red line, which could halt the ongoing war. Despite White House efforts to deter Israeli military action in Rafah, Dr. Ahmad believes more decisive action is necessary to protect civilians and mitigate the humanitarian crisis.

Before departing the meeting, Dr. Ahmad expressed his disappointment in the lack of substantial mention of Gaza or Palestine by the president. He emphasized the need to convey the anguish and pain felt by the Palestinian American community amidst ongoing turmoil and displacement.

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Dr. Ahmad’s resolve to return to Gaza despite the risks underscores his commitment to standing in solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized communities. He believes in amplifying the voices of those affected by the conflict and shedding light on the humanitarian crises unfolding in Gaza.

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