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## Opinions on the Impact of Sales Tax on Small Businesses

**EditorÔÇÖs note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are the authorÔÇÖs alone. Tyler Enders is co-founder of Made in KC, a brick-and-mortar and online retailer of locally made goods with locations downtown, on the Country Club Plaza, Lenexa, LeeÔÇÖs Summit, and across the metro.**

Getting the disclaimers out of the way first:

– Small businesses arenÔÇÖt a monolith;
– I donÔÇÖt speak for all small businesses;
– Many, many small business owners are in favor;
– Reasons to oppose the sales tax vary

The strong opposition to the new stadium, and the 3/8 cent sales tax that accompanies it, fascinates me. As a small business owner whoÔÇÖs spent the past four years integrating myself into the greater business and civic community, I believe wholeheartedly that our city is better off because of and better off with the Royals and the Chiefs.

National press doesnÔÇÖt cover our BBQ competitions, celebrities donÔÇÖt come back for our art shows, and our tourism isnÔÇÖt driven by our claim to fame as the City of Fountains. WeÔÇÖre a city of sports and art. ThereÔÇÖs room for foodies and sports fans alike.

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So why have neighboring businesses ended up so diametrically opposed to each other on the teams that bring our city together? Small business owners are a unique bunch. Few people know the pressure of making payroll for an entire team of employees. Few people willingly embark upon a life where failure is a regular part of your day. ItÔÇÖs a job that ignores your personal boundaries, requires relentless perseverance, and still manages to punch you in the face every now and then.

Many of the things that make for a great small business owner unintentionally pull you away from the connectivity that defines our civic and business community. Many of the best restauranteurs know how to run a cook line, regularly help with training & prep, meet with vendors, and run payroll, all while overseeing the rest of their business. All of these responsibilities restrict a business ownerÔÇÖs ability to build the relationships which lead to trust, alignment, and buy-in.

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