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## Situation with Ex Receiving Payments Under the Table

Hey you guys,

So as the title stated, my ex has somehow convinced his employer to start paying him under the table. For months, I was receiving the amount I am supposed to get, and then it trickled to only a check or two a month… and now I’m getting almost nothing, despite said ex continuing to work a full-time job.

Finally, he admitted to me his boss is paying him under the table. This situation has put me in a difficult position as I rely on this child support to provide for our children.

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  • RockabillyRabbit

    You can report him to the IRS and his employer to the IRS under the IRS Form 3949-A which covers both employees and employers not filing taxes, not withholding taxes/paying under the table etc.

    You’d have to fill it out two separate times (one for the employer and one for the employee) and you can do it via mail or via their online form. If you have proof of this via text from your ex you can attach it to the form via mail or via the web form.

    The IRS won’t tell them who gave them the tip off (but obviously there’s always a chance of them easily figuring it out) and you can remain “anonymous” if you so choose.

    Whether something comes of it or not is up to the IRS but at least you can say you tried.

  • AudreyTwoToo

    Child support canÔÇÖt force his employer to pay him legally. All they can do is take enforcement measures to try to compel him to pay.

  • sailornicox

    Did he admit to it thru text message like do you have evidence?

  • Sorrynotsorry37

    My ex is doing the same exact thing. My case worker in Virginia is telling me nothing can be done and they wonÔÇÖt move forward with enforcement.

  • freakishlystrong

    You could ask for support based on imputation so it wonÔÇÖt matter what he is actually getting paid, they will assign him an income level and he can be ordered to pay support based on that.

  • DepartmentDry2409

    Accept you had a child with a deadbeat, grind out and move on

  • hany259

    Badass employer

  • oneeighty157

    You canÔÇÖt do anything about it. You have actual proof.

  • Uchiha28Madara

    Hire local enforcers. After a few personal visits he’ll act differently

  • BklynKnightt

    Unfortunately they are correct.

  • SpruceGoose133

    Get a lawyer to go to a judge to subpoena the checking acct records of the company. they can all get in trouble. And report them to the IRS for tax fraud. I heard you get 10% of the fraud for reporting.

  • wonderdupey

    Make sure your case is in states hands. ItÔÇÖs takes time but past a certain threshold they can do things like take licenses away and eventually contempt. My ex gets paid under the table and I called the employer and did a pretend employment check and all of a sudden they parted ways. Company didnÔÇÖt want to get in trouble. State can also ask for 1099ÔÇÖs and they can call the employer. You have to stay on the state.