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## Unlawful Treatment at Work: Lack of Breaks and Violation of Labor Laws

Recently, at the kitchen where I am employed, there has been a pattern of long shifts being assigned to me and my colleagues without any breaks being offered. This situation has occurred twice now, with one shift lasting 11 hours and the other lasting 12 hours, as far as I can recall. While I did not specifically request a break during these shifts, I believe that it is the employer’s responsibility to provide adequate breaks for their employees.

This problematic trend of extended shifts without breaks began around the time I turned 18 last year and has only escalated since then. Moreover, there have been instances where another coworker, who was a minor at the time, was also subjected to long work hours exceeding legal limits. This underage coworker was often made to work 12 to 13-hour days when he was only 16 and 17 years old.

In light of these issues, I am seeking clarification on the legality of the situation. It is important to understand and uphold the labor laws that protect workers from such exploitation. I apologize if my inquiry seems naïve, as I am simply trying to navigate the legalities surrounding these work practices.

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  • TzarKazm

    Federally, there is no requirement for breaks.

  • DefinitelyNotAliens

    Where are you located? The US federal government allows unlimited hours for minors ages 16-17 with only restrictions being based on type of work, nothing dangerous.

    Federal law also doesn’t require any breaks at all, 16+.

    Only state law matters, as nothing described violates federal law. My state, everything you described is illegal, but I have some of the best worker rights protections in the country.