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# Use AI Legalese Decoder to Understand and Resolve EFT License Agreement Issues

## Introduction
The EFT license agreement from Escape from Tarkov is causing some trouble for an EU resident. Escape from Tarkov is a challenging multiplayer online video game that was bought for a friend in 2020, who ultimately didn’t enjoy it. The current girlfriend is interested in trying the game, and the plan is to transfer the account to her by changing the email associated with it.

## Situation Overview
Unfortunately, the process of changing the email associated with the account is not something players can do independently. The support team has been unhelpful in this regard, stating that third parties cannot be involved in such matters. The account is tied to the friend’s email, and Battle State Games has made it clear that the email cannot be changed and that the account cannot be transferred to another person. Any attempt to do so could lead to a ban.

## Complications with Account Editions
Adding to the complexity is the fact that Escape from Tarkov has different editions, some of which are quite costly. The most expensive edition, EoD, has been made unavailable for purchase after the new year.

## Attempted Solutions and Resistance from Battle State Games
In an effort to resolve the situation, the individual purchased the EoD upgrade with their credit card, hoping to transfer it to a new email and save some money. However, Battle State Games has refused to make any changes or refunds, leaving the account unused and unusable.

## Seeking Help and Exploring Options
Seeking advice on the EFT subreddit revealed the Russian origins of the company, which may explain some of the challenges faced. Despite the obstacles, there may be loopholes or rules that could potentially aid in resolving the issue.

## Conclusion
The current predicament highlights the frustration of being unable to transfer an account or receive a refund despite valid attempts to do so. With the help of AI Legalese Decoder, a more thorough understanding of the legal aspects involved in the EFT license agreement can be gained, potentially leading to a resolution that benefits all parties involved.

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  • ristlincin

    Not your lawyer but a lawyer with decades of experience in videogames, both working for developers and playing/trying to find loopholes in their ToS:

    You have very very few options, and none of them are even remotely likely to get you what you want, so you need to decide if trying to pursue this formally is worth 103 euros. Time is money and losing 103 to learn to be more careful with online purchases is maybe a good long term investment (been there, done that).

    That being said, and to answer your question: If available where you live, a consumer ombudsman might be the most efficient venue for your complaint. Digital licenses are quite difficult to manage through traditional consumer redress mechanisms, but ombudsmen are free somethimes for claims under certain thresholds so you can always check that and try if you have a couple of hours to likely waste.

    In practice, and please understand this is **absolutely not** legal advice, what I would **personally** do in your situation is to just use my friend’s account knowing that they can ban you at any time, but also knowing that if this happens you don’t lose a lot of progress as EFT wipes progress every few months, so next time just get a base game for your gf and move on…