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## Former President Donald Trump’s Social Media Firm Approves $5.7 Billion Merger

Former President Donald Trump is on the brink of securing a major windfall from his social media firm, with investors in a blank-check acquisition company approving a merger worth approximately $5.7 billion. This deal values Trump’s majority stake in the company that houses his app Truth Social at around $3.3 billion. The financial boost could be crucial for Trump as he navigates the financial implications of various legal battles, including a $454 million judgment in a civil fraud case in New York.

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Shareholders of Digital World Acquisition Corp, the special purpose acquisition company facilitating the merger with Trump Media & Technology Group, voted in favor of the deal. While the completion of the deal is anticipated next week, uncertainties loom large. Former CEO Patrick Orlando and ex-Trump business associates Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss have filed lawsuits seeking additional shares for their prior contributions to the deal.

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Trump will be restricted from selling any shares in the merged company for six months post-completion of the deal. Moreover, the deal is expected to inject $300 million in cash into Trump Media & Technology Group. Despite facing a financial deficit, the social media company aims to stabilize its operations through this cash influx.

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The potential valuation of TMTG post-merger stands at $5.7 billion on an undiluted basis and $8.6 billion on a fully diluted basis. Digital World’s stock has witnessed a significant surge since the announcement of its association with TMTG in 2021, attracting both Trump supporters and retail investors.

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While hurdles remain in finalizing the deal, Trump’s ownership in the combined company is estimated between 58.1% and 69.4%. TMTG, initiated with the assistance of Litinsky and Moss from Trump’s reality TV show, aims to provide a platform for Trump to interact with his supporters following his removal from mainstream social media platforms.

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