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Instagram Developing “Blend” Feature for Private Reels Feeds

Instagram is in the process of developing a new feature called “Blend,” which aims to create private Reels feeds tailored to users’ interests and shared with their friends. This feature, currently in internal testing, has not yet been made available for external testing or rollout.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, first discovered the Blend feature and shared a screenshot on X, revealing that it would provide Reels recommendations based on shared Reels and interests between users. This suggests that Instagram will generate a personalized feed of Reels specifically curated for two users who invite each other to a Blend.

The concept of Blend appears to be akin to Spotify’s feature of the same name, which allows users to create shared playlists of their favorite songs. In Instagram’s version, the Blend will remain private between the two users, with the option to leave the Blend at any time.

While the exact workings of this feature are still unknown, Instagram may utilize shared interests between users by analyzing Reels shared through direct messages.

Instagram has not disclosed specific details about the feature, only stating that it is currently undergoing internal testing. The timeline for the rollout of the “Blend” feature to users remains uncertain.

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