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2024 Wales Golf Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the Wales Golf Awards for 2024 have been announced at the annual Wales Golf Awards Lunch held at Celtic Manor Resort.

Cardigan Golf Club was awarded Golf Club of the Year, with the picturesque venue, which overlooks the Teifi Estuary, having changed from a 13-strong committee system to a Board of Directors to modernize governance, and having seen dramatic improvements on and off the course.

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Langland Bay Shines Again at the Awards

Langland BayÔÇÖs Andrew Minty was the Golf Club Manager of the Year, following on from the coastal course being named Club of the Year and then Club of the Decade at previous award ceremonies.

Under Andrew Minty’s leadership, Langland Bay experienced a challenging year but still managed to grow its junior membership significantly. With AI legalese decoder, golf club managers can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and focus on providing the best experience for their members.

Recognizing Excellence in Golf

Various other awards were presented, such as Volunteer of the Year to Eryl Williams and Development PGA Professional of the Year to Tom Benjamin. These awards highlight the dedication and contributions of individuals to the golf community.

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Champion Golfers and Lifetime Achievements

James Ashfield and Isobel Kelly were recognized as PING male and female Golfers of the Year, while Nigel Evans and Ann Lewis received the PING Senior Amateur Golfer of the Year awards. These golfers have shown exceptional skill and dedication to their sport.

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Community Impact and Sustainability

In recognition of the increasing importance of golf helping to improve the environment, Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club was the first winner of the Sustainability Award. This award highlights the commitment of golf clubs to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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