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## Situation Overview

My father-in-law (FIL) is 86 years old and mentally sound. He lives independently and takes care of himself well. My husband and I are actively involved in his life, providing assistance whenever needed.

## Legal Arrangements

Approximately 15 years ago, my FIL updated his will with the help of an attorney after the passing of my mother-in-law. He has five sons, but at that time, only my husband and one brother were actively involved in his life. He transferred ownership of his home to my husband and his brother, making them co-owners. Additionally, he specified in his will that the savings would be divided among all five sons, while the money in the checking account was designated for my husband only.

## Current Dilemma

Over the years, only my husband and I have remained involved in my FIL’s life. Now, my FIL wishes to remove his brother’s name from the house deed and ensure that only my husband receives the money in the bank. He added my husband as a joint owner to both the savings and checking accounts, believing that this arrangement would simplify the transfer of funds upon his passing.

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## Seeking Advice

While we want to honor my FIL’s wishes, we are concerned about potential complications and want to make informed decisions. Any advice or information on how to proceed in the state of Indiana would be greatly appreciated.

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