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## Google’s Annual Report on Zero-Day Exploits in 2023

Google recently released its fifth annual report on zero-day exploits, revealing a significant increase in the number of vulnerabilities exploited in-the-wild compared to previous years. According to the report, there were 97 zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in 2023, which is over 50% more than in 2022 but falls short of the 106 zero-days recorded in 2021.

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## Google CEO’s Optimism and Key Findings

Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared the ÔÇ£good newsÔÇØ from the report, highlighting the progress made in addressing zero-day vulnerabilities. Pichai stated that investments are making a difference, with once-common vulnerabilities now virtually non-existent.

The report, a collaboration between GoogleÔÇÖs Threat Analysis Group (TAG) and Mandiant, examined zero-day exploits targeting end-user platforms, enterprise technologies, and a wide range of software and tools. It emphasized the impact of investments by companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft on reducing the prevalence of zero-day vulnerabilities.

**Challenges and Strategies for Businesses**

Despite progress in patching attacker exploits, businesses continue to face a growing wave of attacks targeting their software and tools. The report underscores the need for swift action in mitigating vulnerabilities and extending protective measures to a broader range of vendors in the face of increasing cyber threats.

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