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Speaker Mike Johnson announced Wednesday he is sticking with his plan to put a series of foreign aid bills on the floor, including funding for Ukraine, after facing significant pressure from hardliners.

“After significant Member feedback and discussion, the House Rules Committee will be posting soon today the text of three bills that will fund America’s national security interests and allies in Israel, the Indo-Pacific, and Ukraine, including a loan structure for aid, and enhanced strategy and accountability,” Johnson said in the note.

The three-part supplemental package looks strikingly similar to the Senate’s bill in several key ways including that the package includes a little more than $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza and other conflict zones around the world, which had been a red line for Democrats.

The bills, taken together, also add up to about $95 billion in aid – the same amount the Senate bill included – with an adjustment that $10 billion in Ukraine economic assistance is in the form of a repayable loan. This specific assistance is the kind of direct payment that helps Ukraine’s government continue to function during a war.

Those loans are through approximately $7.9 billion in economic assistance to Ukraine and another $1.6 billion in assistance for Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia, requiring the president to strike an agreement with Kyiv to repay the funding. The administration could cancel the debt if they choose to, according to a source familiar.

Overall, the bill will send $61 billion to Ukraine and regional partners, $23 billion of which will go to replenishing US stockpiles. It will also include $26 billion to Israel and $8 billion to the Indo-Pacific, according to a release from the House Appropriations Committee.

The fight over the bills – and the potential for right-wing members of the GOP to attempt to oust Johnson over it – adds up to the most intense pressure that the speaker has faced over his future in his short time in the role. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky on Tuesday said he would co-sponsor Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate, which would boot Johnson from the speakership if it passed, leading the speaker to defiantly tell reporters that he would not be resigning.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” why the foreign aid packages weren’t broken up months ago, given Ukraine’s desperate need for aid, Johnson said that it takes “a long time to socialize and build consensus when you have the smallest majority in US history.”

“Look, we know what the timetable is,” he added. “We know the urgency in Ukraine and in Israel, and we are going to stand by Israel, our close ally and dear friend, and we’re going to stand for freedom and make sure that Vladimir Putin doesn’t March through Europe.”

Johnson appeared unfazed by threats to oust him, insisting he doesn’t “walk around thinking about the motion to vacate.”

“It’s a procedural matter here that I think has been abused in recent times,” he said. “Maybe at some point we change that, but right now, I got to do my job, and so do all my colleagues.”

CNN’s Manu Raju and Piper Hudspeth Blackburn contributed to this report.

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