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## AI Legalese Decoder Can Help with Coerced Transfer of Classic Car

I am currently curious about the legal grounds that may exist for an individual who was coerced under duress on the day their stepfather passed away from cancer. The circumstances involve signing off on transfer papers for a classic car valued at over $20,000, but only receiving half of the stated amount and never actually receiving any money.

Is there a possibility to pursue a claim on the car, considering the coercion involved in the signing of the transfer papers and the failure to receive the full financial compensation, even after 14 months have passed since the incident?

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  • EdgeAndGone482

    Define forced. Because if it’s physically or threatened with physicality hen yes that’s robbery- no statute of limitations. Go to the police.

    If threatened with something else then it could be extortion again go to the police,

    If forced means cajoled or talked into then that’s civil between you and the buyer, either go to vcat, or move on.

  • throwawayplusanumber

    Rego doesn’t prove ownership. If the goods have not been paid for then ownership has not been transferred

  • Ok-Motor18523

    Likewise, did you know the value of the car, or were you happy with the 10k price at the time.

    And it’s only after the fact that you worked out how much you could get for it?

    On paper doesn’t mean much, tons of people list cars at what they think it’s worth, and they don’t sell.

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  • Needmoresnakes

    Duress or coercion would usually involve some kind of threat. Like the person had a knife to them or said “if you don’t sign we’ll kill your dog” or something.

    It’s not illegal to make a lowball offer to someone even if they’re really upset about something.

    If they haven’t actually paid the amount offered and still took possession of the item then that’s probably actionable. I’d consider small claims court for that.

  • Tinderella80

    It also depends on whether you had authority to sell the car – was it in your stepfathers name? Was it disposed of via his will and you’ve circumvented that?

  • Particular-Try5584

    It sounds like the person entered into a contract of sale for the car, to the tune of $10k for the car.

    That never happened, they weren’t paid.
    So now they could take the purchaser to Small Claims Court for the $10k they are owed.

    That’s one option.
    Another option is to define the ‘forced’. If there was duress in there then there may be option to ask the court to declare the contract void. This will cost you a quick and easy $5-10k at least to argue in court.

    Another option… did the car actually transfer over? If it didn’t then ask for police assistance to get it back, or send around a tow truck to collect it (with proof of ownership).

    Another option… where is the estate / probate at? The car shouldn’t have been sold or transferred if it belonged the step father… in which case it should be returned to the estate for division according to the will or legal division of assets.

    And if it was *your car* and you signed… I’m sorry, this is a shitty situation, and this is why they say never to sign anything during major life events or for a few days after an anaesthetic… your brain isn’t in the right space for dealing with shit on those days.