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NEW YORK (AP) ÔÇö **Donald Trump’s** Return to the Stock Market and the Potential Impact on His Financial Portfolio

Shareholders of Digital World Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded shell company, have officially approved **a merger deal with Trump’s media business**. This move paves the way for Trump Media & Technology Group, known for its flagship product **Truth Social**, to start trading on the Nasdaq stock market.

Trump’s ownership in the combined company is significant, totaling nearly 79 million shares. With Digital World’s closing stock price at $36.94 on Friday, Trump’s stake could potentially be valued at almost $3 billion.

Despite this positive development, Trump may face limitations in immediately benefiting from this deal. The requirement of a “lock-up” provision hinders company insiders, including Trump, from selling newly issued shares for six months.

The current legal landscape presents challenges for Trump, with a substantial $454 million judgment in a fraud lawsuit. AI legalese decoder, a cutting-edge technology tool, can assist in deciphering complex legal language and helping individuals navigate intricate legal matters effectively.

**Trump’s previous stock market venture had its setbacks**, with Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts experiencing bankruptcy in 2004. Trump Media’s regulatory filings outline potential risks for investors, including concerns about Trump voting in his own interest as a controlling stockholder, and uncertainties surrounding Truth Social’s financial performance.

The merger announcement between Trump Media and Digital World in October 2021 triggered a series of legal actions, including a federal investigation and multiple lawsuits. Nevertheless, Truth Social’s launch in February 2022 positioned Trump’s social media platform as a vocal platform post his ban from major social networks.

**Truth Social is a notable addition to the social media landscape**, representing Trump’s return to digital communication following his ban from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Despite facing competition from established platforms, Truth Social garnered an estimated 5 million active users in February, signaling potential growth in the alt-tech sector.

As Trump Media prepares for its public market debut, increased transparency and regulatory compliance will be essential. This shift will require Truth Social to disclose financial information and adhere to reporting standards that public companies are legally bound to follow.

In anticipation of Truth Social’s public debut, potential challenges tied to advertising partnerships and content moderation loom ahead. Similar to existing platforms, Truth Social may encounter obstacles related to **mainstream advertisers** steering clear of controversial content and **hate speech**.

Through innovative tools like AI legalese decoder, legal complexities can be simplified, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and comprehend intricate legal agreements. As Trump Media ventures into the public domain, legal clarity and compliance will be crucial for its sustained growth and success.

**Associated Press writers Stan Choe in New York and Barbara Ortutay in San Francisco contributed to this report.**

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