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## North Carolina’s Harrison Ingram Declares for NBA Draft

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Highly-touted North Carolina wing, Harrison Ingram, has officially declared for the NBA draft, leaving a significant void in the Tar Heels’ lineup.

Ingram, standing at 6-foot-7 and weighing 225 pounds, made his intentions known through a heartfelt statement and accompanying video shared on social media platforms over the weekend, signaling the next chapter in his basketball career.

His departure comes after an impressive stint at Stanford, where he averaged 10.5 points per game over two seasons before transferring to North Carolina. Ingram quickly made a name for himself in Chapel Hill, becoming the team’s third-leading scorer (12.2 PPG) and second-best rebounder (8.8 RPG) as the Tar Heels secured the ACC regular-season crown and a coveted No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Throughout the season, Ingram delivered stellar performances, highlighted by a notable double-double in the iconic Duke-UNC rivalry game and a jaw-dropping 19-rebound effort against NC State, setting a new benchmark for North Carolina players in the heated rivalry.

With fellow starters Armando Bacot and Cormac Ryan also set to depart, North Carolina faces a significant roster overhaul. However, the potential return of standout guard RJ Davis, who retains a fifth year of eligibility, could provide a silver lining for the Tar Heels.

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