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## Planning for a New Car Purchase

I currently drive a 2010 Honda Fit Sport with around 200,000 miles on it. My parents have advised me to start looking for a new car soon, but I want to wait until I have enough money saved up to make a purchase without relying on loans or financing. While my current car has some issues, they are not severe enough to affect its driving performance.

### Saving for a $15,000 Car

I have been diligently saving around $1000 every month in a dedicated account for my new car. With this savings rate, I anticipate reaching a budget of $13,000 within the next 10 months. Additionally, my part-time job allows me to save an extra $200-$300 every month, further contributing to my car fund.

### Considering Long-Term Durability

Since I have a daily commute of one hour each way to work, durability and reliability are essential factors for me when choosing a new car. I aim to invest in a vehicle that will last me a while without constant maintenance issues.

### Seeking Advice on Car Purchase

As someone who has never bought a car before, I am unsure if my current savings goal is realistic or if I should aim higher. I am also open to exploring the option of taking out a loan or financing the remaining cost of the car after using a significant portion of my savings. Any advice or guidance on the car buying process would be greatly appreciated.

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