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# Seeking Employment Lawyers Advice on Contract Termination

## Situation Overview
I am in need of guidance from employment lawyers regarding the termination of my contract and the payment for a two-week notice period. The situation involves a contract I had with a primary supplier (Company A) to provide temporary staffing services to their customer (Company B).

### Contract Details
– The contract allows me to terminate the agreement without cause by providing at least fourteen (14) days’ notice.
– The contract also states that Company A can terminate the agreement immediately for a material breach or terminate work orders at Company B’s discretion.
– I followed the contract by giving a two-week notice of termination via email.
– However, my access to Company B’s systems was promptly terminated after submitting my notice.

## Payment Discrepancy
– Company A claims I will not be paid for the notice period as I am an incorporated contractor and will not be working during that time.

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#### Specific Questions for Employment Lawyers
1. Does the contract language justify Company A’s decision not to pay for the notice period?
2. Are there any Canadian laws or legal precedents that should be considered in this situation?

Any advice or insights from employment lawyers would be highly valued to navigate this issue effectively. Thank you.

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  • whiteout86

    It sounds like you were terminated immediately at the discretion of Company B (taken right from your post), there are no claims under employment law here as it doesn’t cover business to business relationships