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The Spore Store: Growing and Selling Mushrooms

The Spore Store is a thriving business that specializes in growing and selling mushrooms for both culinary and health purposes. Their products are available for purchase online as well as at the popular Medina Farmers Market.

Leland Gordon, the owner of The Spore Store, is dedicated to producing high-quality mushrooms for his customers. He spends long hours meticulously bagging substrate to ensure the success of his crops.

His passion for fungi dates back to his childhood, where he developed a love for hunting mushrooms with his father and grandfather. This early exposure to the world of mushrooms set the stage for his future as a mushroom farmer.

After leaving his career as a chef, Leland immersed himself in the world of mushrooms and transformed his passion into a successful agri-business. He saw a gap in the market for fresh, high-quality mushrooms and decided to fill that void by providing the public with access to a variety of mushroom products.

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In addition to mushrooms for the table, The Spore Store offers a range of health-focused products such as mushroom extracts, caffeine-free mushroom coffee, and soon-to-be-released mushroom gummies. Leland’s dedication to educating the public about the benefits of mushrooms is evident in his interactions with customers.

This dedicated mushroom master has carved out a niche for himself in the industry, bringing fresh and innovative mushroom products to the market. With a friendly and approachable demeanor, Leland is known for making the mushroom-buying experience both enjoyable and educational.

For those interested in trying The Spore Store’s products, they can be purchased online through their website, on Facebook, or in person at the Medina Farmers Market starting May 1. Boutros Brothers Produce at Cleveland’s West Side Market will also be carrying their mushrooms for local customers.

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