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## Adrian Wojnarowski Reports Dusty May’s Move to Michigan
### By Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN | Mar 23, 2024, 09:48 PM ET

Florida Atlantic’s head coach, Dusty May, is set to take on a new challenge as the men’s basketball coach at the University of Michigan, according to sources informed by ESPN.

Andy Miller from Klutch Sports, May’s representative, is currently finalizing the terms of a long-term agreement with the University of Michigan officials, extending into Saturday night, sources have confirmed.

May, who is 47 years old, will bid farewell to Florida Atlantic University following an impressive performance in the 2023 Final Four and subsequent appearance in the 2024 NCAA tournament. During the last two seasons, May led FAU to victory in 60 games, a feat only accomplished by UConn and Houston.

The defeat to Northwestern in overtime during the opening round of the NCAA tourney prompted Michigan officials to swiftly secure May as their next coach.

The decision to join Michigan over other high-major programs like Louisville of the ACC and Vanderbilt of the SEC was influenced by the university’s strong alumni network and dedication to both academics and athletics. May believes that these factors will play a critical role in recruiting and retaining players, especially in the contemporary NIL/transfer portal era.

Replacing Juwan Howard, who was let go after five seasons and Michigan’s first last-place finish in the Big 10 since the 1966-67 season, May hopes to continue his success in a new environment.

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May’s journey to this point has been marked by perseverance and dedication. Taking on the challenge of reviving a struggling FAU program six years ago, May amassed a commendable record of 126-69 without a single losing season.

Florida Atlantic’s impressive .822 winning percentage over the past two years ranks fifth in Division I college basketball, as per ESPN Stats & Information data.

FAU’s unprecedented Top 25 ranking in the past two seasons, along with their remarkable Final Four appearance as a No. 9 seed in 2024, solidify May’s reputation as a successful coach in the collegiate basketball scene.

An alumnus of Indiana University, May’s coaching experience includes stints at USC, Eastern Michigan, Murray State, UAB, Louisiana Tech, and Florida before landing the head coaching position at FAU.

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